So having spent quite a long time (circa 25 years) and becoming a bit demoralised by restlessly searching for answers for how to help (me and others) be more perfect and never quite nailing it… (see Part 1 What makes us all tick — The search)

I came across this life-changing understanding that made so much sense and it truly felt like coming home.

The insight:

Our experience of life is created 100% from the inside-out.

And that we are using (and are used by) the following core principles (or truths):

We have thoughts — we are thinking beings, and all of our experience of life is created by our own personal thoughts in our own heads. We make it all up — we live in a virtual reality of our own making. And a new experience of life/reality is only ever one thought away. The principle of Thought means:

  • All of our experiences both good and bad are 100% created from inside of us, in fact our mind can only work one way — it projects reality rather than records it.

We are alive — there is an animating energy - a life force present in all things  including us.  David Bohm (an award winning respected Quantum scientist) called this the Quantum field - also know as the Unified field. It has some kind of intrinsic intelligence guiding it. This Universal Mind is a formless spiritual energy - the impersonal nature of life, the oneness of life — and we are all a part of it. When we acknowledge this truth — we open up to having a sense of something greater than ourselves (think stars in the sky). And when we do, our personal thinking quiets down and we resonate with and are easily and truly guided by a calmer, clearer sense of knowing. The principle of Universal Mind means:

  • There is a built-in design for success our minds can trust in and naturally tap into

We are aware — we have the capacity to be aware of and experience our thoughts and make them real through our senses and our level of awareness. And depending on our level of consciousness — that will totally determine our level of experience. The principle of Consciousness means

  • The more we are aware of and realise and understand for ourselves how our experience happens, the more we will thrive personally and professionally.

And this paradigm shift in understanding expressed by the above principles is true for us all — it’s what makes us all tick.

Discovering this and more importantly seeing it for myself had two impacts on me:

One was the immediate feeling of — ‘ah, relief — I knew this all along, It’s what I’ve always known somehow, somewhere — it’s pretty much consistent with most of what my best teachers and the sages of the ages and have taught — but most of all — it feels true and resonates with my experience.’

The other ‘Oh, this is an absolute game/life/world changer, I want to learn as much as I possibly can about this, there is so much presence, peace and potential that gets lost, due to an endemic misunderstanding of how we as humans actually work. This is the direction I want to go in for myself and this is what I want to teach and point others to.’

If you’re intrigued to know more (like I was), check out some more on the Three Principles of Human Experience).

The implications

So, as a result of realising what is really making us all tick, I started to (and continue to) have an endless stream of life changing insights and implications — without doing very much at all to have them:

Here are just a few:

‘We all have good and bad days.’ — so don’t worry, this too will pass

‘Our thoughts are what are creating our feelings — in fact we are living the feeling of our thinking.’ — I don’t have to take my feelings so seriously and don’t worry, this too will pass

‘I don’t have to take other people’s feeling on board and to try to fix or change them because 100% of their experience is coming from them.’ — so that saves a hell of a lot of time reacting, second guessing, manipulating, influencing, mind-reading, fixing, managing, pleasing, efforting, controlling. (well pretty much most activities involving other people)

‘We all get lost in thought/feelings sometime and that can seem really, really real.’ — because we are human, and being human is ok, in fact we can’t not be human. And the only thing we need to know is that it is ok to be what we are. And this gives me more compassion for myself and my fellow man. We are all human in form, spirit in nature.

‘I don’t have to do much– other than be present, as the (human operating) system of me and of others will return itself to centre as it’s designed that way and for success’. — Yay! Well that takes a whole lot of other items off the to-do list — especially anything to do with opining/meddling.

‘I can chill the f**k out and lighten up.’ — it’s the fastest route to peace, joy and creative performance. But really I can and I can be guilt-free about it. (But really — in fact it’s my number one job)

‘Even when in the trough — this too will pass and a part of me is always ok — no matter what’s happening in the trough.’ — this means I can have a deep sense of faith in the flow of life — which in return seems to be reflected back to me in the realities of life as something you can have faith in.

‘Everything is, was and is going to be ok.’ — because there’s a place called home that is INSIDE me and nothing outside of me can take that away — even death. (I know that’s a big-ish, bold-ish thing to say — but that is honestly how it now seems to me.

Seeing these implications have had a big impact and led me to a new quality of experience (although many of my circumstances have remain unchanged or even ‘worsened’). Down to this understanding — work and life is easier; more peaceful, more enjoyable and more present — all of which means a more fulfilling experience of life (striking gold) and better results in some cases too (a nice perk).

For more on the specific impacts I’ve experienced — check out:

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