Yesterday Trump said he would pull out of the Paris Climate agreement.  I wasn’t shocked. And although I am no Trump fan and personally feel increasingly connected to the wellbeing of the planet, I wasn’t horrified either.

You see, I have come to see Trump as a necessary force for good in the world. Stick with me here, I know it's a stretch.

I remember the day that Brexit happened. And the day Trump was elected. I reacted with a great deal of disbelief, sadness and anger. Despair. I followed every article, I voted on every petition. But when the clouds in my mind disappeared, I also saw something clearly – there is an opportunity here right now for us to go beyond our individual beliefs on right and wrong, good and bad and look to a greater truth.  The truth that we are all connected.

I notice that when I am in a low level of consciousness – some kind of judgementleading to anxiety, fear or rebellion – my thoughts, feelings and actions are dictated by that. They come dripping with that feeling. I can feel driven, urgent and busy. Increasingly I also see that this state of mind can also cause fall-out for both me and those around me.

But it’s also possible to act from a state of neutrality, clarity and acceptance of what is. To see things as they are and allow actions to unfold from that place. From a place of hope. I notice that my minds gets really creative and insightful in that space. And I see helpful actions to take that benefit the whole. And it feels better.

For me, that looks like helping people understand how the human mind works. Which in my own experience naturally leads to more love and understanding. And creates natural positive shifts in perspective and action.

It seems to me that today more people are engaged in politics and the planet than ever before. More people are taking action and speaking from their inner knowing of what is good for the whole. What if we each woke up to our own part  – the simple awakening to that we are all connected? 

What if Trump’s purpose was to wake up the world? Wouldn’t that make him a force for good? What if each of us were to see what was happening around us and choose to make it a gift and a call to find a better way. The possible outcome being a global shift in consciousness? What would be a possible for the world then? That looks hopeful to me. And makes Trump, for me, an Agent of Change.

Just imagine if the challenges and issues arising for you right now are actually opportunities for a shift in your own perspective and are agents of change in your own life, organisation and in the world.......

‘There is a field beyond rightdoing and wrongdoing – I’ll meet you there’

- Rumi 

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