Do you know a Social Entrepreneur that is up to something big that makes them busy?

 Over-stressed, overwhelmed or a bit burnt out?

Maybe they have some (very human) symptoms of an overly busy mind - rumination, worry, anxiety, guilt, uncertainty, insecurity, urgency and are feeling under constant pressure?

Sometimes we can get a bit stalled or stuck in a pattern of thinking and all we really need to regain is a fresh perspective.

And regain access to innate wisdom and wellbeing.

You can nominate a Social Entrepreneur for the gift of four days out of their busy life for a Leadership Reboot with Elizabeth Lovius and Ian Watson in La Herradura, southern Spain.

We won’t add to their load. In a relaxed nourishing environment, we will explore some innate resilience principles that will help them to de-clutter their mind and leave them feeling refreshed, revived and ready to lead real change for good with renewed clarity and presence.

We offer :

a life changing seminar - to help them understand what makes them tick and find their flow

one to one coaching  - to integrate their insights

follow-up webinars - to share insights and stay in touch as a network

relaxation -  they can choose to start their day with gentle yoga and enjoy a relaxing massage during their stay

enjoyable activities - the choice of sunbathing, kayaks, hiking, excursions and water sports

local colour - tapas, flamenco, make a paella

great food - our local restaurants and caterers will bring them fresh Spanish cuisine


Help a deserving Social Entrepreneur relax, refresh and reboot. To find their flow and lead real change for good.

A few FAQ's:

What is a Social Entrepreneur?  A Social Entrepreneur is a person who establishes an enterprise with the aim of solving social problems or effecting social change. They run a business whose mission is to be a force for good. It could be a 'for profit' or a charity or something in the middle.

A Social Enterprise has this criteria:

  • A clear social and/or environmental mission set out in their governing documents
  • Generates the majority of their income through trade
  • Reinvests the majority of their profits
  • Is autonomous of state
  • Is majority controlled in the interests of the social mission
  • Is accountable and transparent

For more detail on this - What makes a social enterprise a social enterprise?

Why Social Entrepreneurs? Because they tend to be very driven by their mission to do good. And a bit like the 'mum' in a family - their personal needs often come last as they focus on being of service. They can be so passionate that they don't spend time or money on resourcing themselves - so we want to. We want to take care of the people who are leading real change for good - so they can do more great work from a place of resilience, wisdom and wellbeing. 

What will be included?

The programme will cover the seminar, coaching, travel, meals, accommodation and activities. We will contribute to the airfare (amount to be agreed on a case by case basis) The nearest Airport is Malaga - 1 hour drive away

How will the nominations work?

It will be on a first come, first served basis.  We can accommodate a maximum of 16 participants.

We are looking to support a Founders or Key Leaders of a Social Enterprises who:

  • Has an Enterprise that meets the above criteria
  • Has been leading in their enterprise for a minimum of two years
  • Know that they need a reboot and would benefit from a shift in perspective

Can you nominate yourself?

Sure. Why not! You just need to meet our criteria.