Elizabeth Lovius is a Real Change Coach, Author and Speaker who works with leaders. Elizabeth has 20+ years experience, having worked with over 10,000 people. Elizabeth helps leaders access their real wisdom, have real relationships and lead real change for good. Elizabeth helps you discover the source that delivers an aligned intent, happy people and performance breakthroughs in your business. 

Elizabeth works with revolutionary universal principles of the mind that explain what makes us all tick. This paradigm shift in understanding enables people to shift perspectives and experience presence, purpose and potential. Elizabeth is also a Social Entrepreneur and publicly speaks on real change and the tangible impact that understanding these principles is making in all walks of life.

Elizabeth believes in business as a force for good.  Where People and Planet matter as much as Profit. When leaders think and feel better, they do better and lead better. And leaders lead organisations and organisations for good can really change the world. 

Be real. Have real relationships. Lead real change.

Clients have included: The Body Shop, Hewlett Packard, IBM, itsu, ITV, Kahoot!, Charlie Bighams, CookFood, Pret a Manger, the English RFU and WPP group.

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Elizabeth also offers bespoke Resilient Leader Programmes:


One to One Leadership Coaching

three day intensives or

nine month programmes



Collaborative Leadership Team events

two or three day intensives

focused, facilitated leadership team sessions to help you deliver individual, team and organisational flow


I knew she was good, but she’s more than good. She is truly an amazing talent.
— Julian Metcalfe Founder Pret a Manger and itsu

Ian Watson - Co-facilitator

Co-facilitating the Immersion is Change specialist Ian Watson - a highly experienced trainer, facilitator and leader in the principles behind State of Mind. Ian has worked in the field of innate health and personal transformation for almost thirty years and co-founded The Lakeland College in 1993, and The Insight Space in 2011.

Ian has worked extensively with people from all walks of life, including business leaders to help bring about rapid, gentle, sustainable change that transforms lives. His work enables people to disconnect from the noisy chatter of their busy minds, and reconnect to that quiet oasis of calm presence and inner wisdom that resides within everyone.

Ian is currently a faculty member at the Innate Health Centre in London, and runs an ongoing programme of training courses and workshops for people interested in moving beyond past limitations and living authentic, inspiring and fulfilling lives.



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