"Life-changing. I can honestly say it's been like scales dropping from my eyes. It’s an excellent course and I fully recommend it."

- Nicki Fisher - Head of the Pret Foundation

"Brilliant, totally engaging and beautifully insightful. Wonderful."

- Laeitita Rennie - (ex) Saatchi Managing Partner & ITN Director
- Amanda Goldsmith, Operations Director - Acrylicise
"I really loved and benefited from everything you said and taught us. I know this will stick with me moving forwards..."
- Emily Finn, Studio Director - Acrylicise
"Like a deep muscle massage for leadership. You emerge somehow renewed, ready to stretch further, no longer aching and with hope in your heart."
        - James Rutter - Head of Brand - Cook Food
      "Transformational and life changing. A totally awe-inspiring and thought provoking insight filled two days."
         - Angie Wiles Co-Founder of Virgo Health Communications and Business Mentor
      "Loads of insights - a liberating and engaging way of expressing what I knew was already there. You are a rock star."
        - Jackie Lynton Social Activist and Orchestrator of NHS Change day
      "Feeling wise - like yoda - so happy I came. Brilliant."
         - Rosie Brown MD of Cook Food - UK's first major Bcorp
      "I recommend this course to anyone who needs a fresh perspective on their life, their career, challenges and initiatives."
       - Kenneth Tor - Head of Marketing - Metafour Software Solutions
      "The venue and pacing were all brilliant. Elizabeth and Ian are a great team and work so well together. This is the best course I've done for many years."
       - Marcus Paine - Co-Founder Modern Money Financial Services
      "This is a brilliant introduction to timeless wisdom for business leaders who want to get straight into profound ideas without dogma."
 - Tom Nixon - Founder Nixon McInness, Entrepreneur and Mentor to Founders
"Come with an open mind and you will have it filled with those insights that have otherwise eluded you in your daily life and which serve to make your life so much richer."
        - Michelle Meagher - Lawyer and Business as a force for good Activist
Here's a sneak peak inside the last course.