As a leader-entrepreneur are you up to something big that makes you busy?

 Over-stressed, overwhelmed or a bit burnt out?

Maybe you have some (very human) symptoms of an overly busy mind - rumination, worry, anxiety, guilt, uncertainty, insecurity, urgency and feeling under constant pressure?

Sometimes we can get a bit stalled or stuck in a pattern of thinking and all we really need to regain is a sense of perspective.

Take four days out of your busy life for a Leadership Reboot with Elizabeth Lovius and Ian Watson in La Herradura, southern Spain.

We won’t add to your load. In a relaxed nourishing environment, we will explore some universal principles that will help you to de-clutter your mind and leave you feeling refreshed, revived and ready to lead real change for good with renewed clarity and presence.

We offer you:

a life changing seminar - to help you understand what makes you tick and find your flow

one to one coaching  - to integrate your insights

relaxation -  you can choose to start your day with gentle yoga and enjoy a relaxing massage during your stay

enjoyable activities - choose from sunbathing, kayaks, hiking, excursions and water sports

local colour - tapas, flamenco, make a paella

great food - our local restaurants and caterers will bring you fresh Spanish cuisine


Price All-inclusive of seminar, coaching, transfers, meals, accommodation and activities.

£1,795 per person

Bring a friend for £1,495 per person

£1,595 per person early bird ends August 31st, 2017

(not including air fare - nearest Airport Malaga - 1 hour)

Relax, refresh and reboot to find your flow

See the full brochure here for more information on the schedule, accommodation and activities.